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Eureka and Shadowforge consignments update

We have recently taken delivery of two shipments from Eureka Miniatures of Australia, and one from Shadowforge Miniatures of Australia. The shipments cover our orders no 0118 to 0123 with Eureka, and total about 70kg of metal. They take some considerable time to sort out and inevitably interfere with our ability to respond to emails and to process orders. Please bear with us during this period.

Somewhere in the consignments are the new Victoria Lamb figures from Eureka, and as soon as we get to them we will post news of their availability. The Shadowforge order contains more of the Politburo figures.

Somehow we aim to sort through all the above in time to pack for Carronade on 10 May…

Prices cut on Scale Creep ACW figures

We hope to be making a special announcement about the availability of Scale Creep Miniatures’ 18mm (large 15mm) ACW range in the UK in the very near future. In the interim, we have dropped the prices of figures in this range so that packs of 8 infantry cost GBP2.50 (previously GBP3.00), and unit packs of 24 infantry including command now cost GBP7.25 (previously GBP9.00). Prices include VAT at 17.5%.

Now while there may be some speculation about what exactly we are going to announce, a price cut is good news in any gamer’s book. Packs are now available at the new prices in the online shop.

Scale Creep’s ACW figures will be available at Salute, mainly in unit packs, from Fighting 15s on stand TC09, where you will be able to compare them first hand with equivalent stature 15mm ACW figures from AB.

18mm Russian Seven Years War from Eureka


Eureka’s 18mm Russian Seven Years War figures are now listed in the online shop. We have limited numbers of the figures in stock as we are gradually building stock levels for this extensive addition to Eureka’s Seven Years War range.

Initially we will be stocking only the marching versions of the infantry. The wagons and limbers will be available only to special order, which means they may take eight or more weeks to arrive.

The Russians follow a different packaging format in the shop from the Prussians or Austrians, and we will be changing these two nations to match the Russians as soon as possible.