Updated single figures lists from Fighting 15s

We have at last found time to update the single figures lists for the ranges we stock, and they are now available from the Links & Downloads section of the online store (see the Information box at the bottom left-hand corner of the Fighting 15s site). The lists supersede all previous versions of the lists (and replace lists published way back in November 2007). Postage is detailed as usual on the order form, and there is a new minimum postage as a result of the annual increase from the Royal Mail.

The single figures lists give all the individual codes for figures sold on the website where they are available singly (some codes are only sold in packs). Note that the codes for AB Figures and Eureka Miniatures have a different prefix in the lists so we know that you are ordering single figures. Codes for these ranges on the website are pack codes: confuse the two and you will not get what you expect.

The ability to order single figures does not mean that variants can be specified if they exist. We are supplied figures in a random mix and therefore cannot guarantee to sell specific variants. Variants are therefore always supplied as a random mix.

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