March 1/600th scale releases arrive from Oddzial Osmy

Fighting 15s has just taken delivery of the latest new releases in the 1/600th scale (3mm) ranges from Polish manufacturer Oddzial Osmy.

The releases are:

1/600th Moderns
US-642 A1H Skyraider attack aircraft, used in Korea and Vietnam
US-643 HMMWV Avenger, AA version of Humvee armed with Stinger missiles
UK-620 Abbot self-propelled 105mm gun
UK-621 Land Rover 110 SOV – Special Ops version of Land Rover Defender

1/600th World War II
WWH-634 Junkers Ju52/3m Tante Ju German transport aircraft, also used as a bomber
WWH-635 Dornier Do17Z light twin-engined bomber
WFR-622 Citroen 2CV civilian car

All packs cost GBP2.35 each and typically contain 15 vehicles or 8 aircraft. Pack WWH-634 contains 4 aircraft; pack WWH-635 contains 6 aircraft. All are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s online store.

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