Carronade, 10 May 2008

Fighting 15s is at Carronade, Falkirk, on 10 May. Fighting 15s attends Scottish shows with limited stock. They’re a long haul from the Isle of Wight and we travel by train only with what we can carry.

Advance orders are strongly recommended if you plan on picking up particular figures from us at a Scottish show.

I have just finalised the cases I am taking to the show, and will have 15mm AB Napoleonics (no coalition cavalry or artillery yet, though), 15mm AB ACW, 15mm Flags for AB, 30mm Huzzah! Miniatures, and Eureka’s 28mm Pirates and Age of Reason figures. Space permitting, I may have a few extras. All codes are pre-packed.

For anything else, including Oddzial Osmy 1:600 figures, and for any individual requirements for AB Figures, please place an advance order.

Preparation and packing for Carronade naturally interferes with our ability to process online orders, and there will be a delay in dealing with such orders, and especially in answering emails.

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