Shipments from Oddzial Osmy

Fighting 15s is changing the frequency with which it obtains new releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland. Until March 2008 we used to order once a month, and were able to keep fully up to date with new releases from this company in its 1:600 ranges of WWII and modern AFVs and aircraft. Demand from the UK and North America was sufficient for us to generate shipments that were economic for us in terms of delivery charges.

A direct result of Oddzial Osmy appointing a US agent is that we have lost a substantial proportion of our sales of its 1:600 ranges. We have been scaling back stock levels as a result, and have been unable to create a large enough monthly order to warrant shipping the new releases without delivery charges forming an unacceptable proportion of the total cost of the order. We have therefore decided to switch to ordering once a quarter: our next shipment will therefore encompass the new releases for April, May and June, and will arrive sometime in early July.

Fighting 15s regretfully advises that, although we carry good stocks of Oddzial Osmy figures, if a particular code is out of stock it may now take eight or more weeks to obtain.

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