Sweden joins Nordic range of 15mm Flags for AB

A range of Swedish flags has joined our Danish flags in the Nordic countries section of the 15mm Flags for AB line of Napoleonic flags. Infantry sheets contain 8 flags per sheet (one Liffana, 3 Kompanifana per regiment), and cavalry sheets contain 12 flags. Sheets cost GBP3.25 each including VAT.

Some of the 1686B pattern infantry flags were carried right through to 1813, and a few regiments kept their earlier colours even after Crown Prince Bernadotte introduced a new pattern flag in 1813, allowing for plenty of variety in a Napoleonic Swedish army.

Details of the flags are as follows:

Provincial infantry

SWE-F01 1686B pattern, Åbo-Iän (Turku) regt 1746-1804, Björneboirg (Pori) regt 1752-94
SWE-F02 1686B pattern, Hälsinge regt 1760-1813, Jämtland regt 1736-1813
SWE-F03 1686B pattern, Jönköpings regt 1758-1813, Östgöta regt 1751-1800
SWE-F04 1686B pattern, Savolax (Savo) regt 1747-1813, Södermanland regt 1746-1813
SWE-F05 1686B pattern, Västerbotten regt 1758-1812; 1761 pattern, Kalmar regt 1764-1813
SWE-F06 1761 pattern, Skaraborg regt 1762-1804, Västgöta regt 1766-1800
SWE-F07 1766 pattern, Åbo-Iän regt 1804-09, Älvsborg regt 1771-1813
SWE-F08 1766 pattern, Björneborg regt 1794-1809, Dals regt 1766-1813
SWE-F09 1766 pattern, Hälsinge regt 1813, Jönköpings regt 1813
SWE-F10 1766 pattern, Kalmar regt 1813, Kronobergs regt 1768-1813
SWE-F11 1766 pattern, Nylands (Uusimaa) regt 1772-1809, Södermanland regt 1813
SWE-F12 1766 pattern, Tavesthus (Häme) regt 1804-09, Upplands regt 1771-1813
SWE-F13 1766 pattern, Västerbotten regt 1812, Västgöta-Dals regt 1800
SWE-F14 1766 pattern and variants, Västgöta regt 1808, Royal Swedois regiment 1813-14
SWE-F15 1813 pattern infantry flags

Enlisted infantry

SWE-F16 Disgraced guard regiments: Fleetwood and Paléns regts 1808-9
SWE-F17 Gotheburg garrison regt 1755-1793, Skåne/Pommern regt 1762-1788
SWE-F18 Stralsund garrison regt 1761-1809, Sveaborg garrison regt 1755-1793
SWE-F19 Queen’s Life regt 1783-1802, Queen Dowager’s Life regt 1772-1808

Guard infantry

SWE-F20 1st (Svea) Guard regt 1772-98, 3rd (Finnish) Guard regt 1793-1798
SWE-F21 1st (Svea) Guard regt 1798, 3rd (Finnish) Guard regt 1798-1809


SWE-F22 Jämtland dragoons, Östgöta, Smålands, Norra Skånska, Södra Skånska and Västgota cavalry regiments
SWE-F23 Åbo-Iän, Karelska and Nylands light dragoons; Karelska and Nylands dragoons, 1815 artillery standards
SWE-F24 Bohusläns dragoons, Crown Prince hussars, Life dragoons, Life regiment, Flag of Nobles

We regret that pictures of our range of flags are not available on the web in order to prevent copyright infringement, but we carry the full range of Flags for AB at shows.

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