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Fighting 15s: back from our summer break

Fighting 15s is now back in action after a break that started on Friday 13 June. We will be dealing with orders placed over the past week as soon as possible. Our post office, however, is still closed until next week, when it reopens in a new location, so we cannot dispatch any orders until Monday 23 June at the earliest.

Please note that a persistent illness contracted in May after Carronade continues to make the odd day miserable for us and, mingled with the more usual hayfever, interferes with the usual smooth running of Fighting 15s.

Anyone who wants to know vaguely what we were up to over the past week can take a trip to:

Fuel surcharges begin to bite

For the first time our shipping costs from Australia have been hit by fuel surcharges. Delivery costs rose an amount equivalent to a rise of about 1.5p on each GBP1.00 of figures at UK prices. This is not enough to trigger a price rise on figures that we import from Australia, butĀ a price rise will be inevitableĀ if surcharges increase much more.

Eureka 18mm Napoleonic British Household Cavalry

Eureka Miniatures 15/18mm Napoleonic British Household Cavalry

Our initial shipment of the new 18mm British Napoleonic Household Cavalry from Eureka Miniatures of Australia has arrived and the figures are now available in the online shop. The figures have been designed to be compatible in height with the large 15mm Napoleonic ranges from AB Figures.

Please note that our stocks are limited, but we have more on the way in our next shipment.

Figures work out at the equivalent of GBP0.80 each, and a unit pack of 10 troopers, 1 officer and 1 trumpeter is available at GBP9.60.

More 30mm Prussian flags for Huzzah! Miniatures

Twenty-four new regiments have joined the range of 30mm Prussian Seven Years War infantry flags for Huzzah! Miniatures. The range has expanded from the initial release of regiments 1 to 12, and flags are now available for infantry regiments 1 to 36. Each sheet contains four flags for one infantry regiment and costs GBP3.25 including VAT. Flags are available to order now in the online shop.

We will add the remaining infantry regiments soon and then progress to the cavalry flags.

Although designed to fit the flagpoles of Huzzah! Miniatures’ 30mm figures, the flags also suit 25mm and 28mm figures from other manufacturers.

As for Huzzah! Miniatures themselves, work is still progressing on mould making. Musketeer variants A, B and C are currently available, along with grenadier variant A and the respective commands. We regret that illness has got in the way of mould making, but hope to catch up here shortly – just as soon as we’ve got up to date on orders. Until we are ready to announce the initial range as a whole, however, figures remain available to advance order in the online shop.