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PayPal Classic ousts PayPal Express Checkout

Continuing issues with PayPal Express Checkout in the shopping cart mean this feature has now been removed. Fighting 15s still accepts PayPal payments, but does so through the PayPal Classic interface, which presents as a payment option when a customer proceeds through the checkout process.

Express Checkout is the PayPal option that adds a PayPal button in the cart and in theory speeds up the checkout process by using a customer’s details from their PayPal account. However, it appears to be over-sensitive to differences in customer and delivery addresses, and is giving false failed payment reports.

A reminder that our preferred payment processor is WorldPay, a service provided by Royal Bank of Scotland that accepts most major credit cards (but not charge cards such as Amex). RBS, and therefore Worldpay, is regulated by the FSA: PayPal is not.

July releases from Oddzial Osmy now in stock

US649 Huey Hog

US649 Huey Hog

Fighting 15s has taken delivery of the new releases for July from Polish manufacturer Oddzial Osmy.

The releases, which are all in Oddzial Osmy’s 1:600 scale (3mm) moderns and WWII ranges of AFVs, infantry and aircraft, are in stock and available now in the Fighting 15s shop, priced GBP2.35 for a pack of 15 vehicles or 8 aircraft.

The releases are:

SA-652 BMP-3 IFV with 100mm and 30mm gun
US-649 Huey Hog, rocket artillery version of Huey gunship
UK-622 Ferret light armoured car

WBR-618 Crusader I cruiser tank
WBR-619 Valentine Mk II infantry tank
WBR-620 Honey light tank
WBR-621 Grant tank with larger 37mm gun turret

WWH-637 Bf109D fighter
WWH-638 Panzer IIIJ with long 50mm gun
WWH-639 Stug IIIF8 with long 75mm gun
WWH-640 Panzer IVG with long 75mm gun

WSU-618 T60 light tank

WBR621 Grant tank

WBR621 Grant tank