Toxic zombie mayhem


Eureka 28mm toxic zombies

Eureka 28mm toxic zombies

Our first consignment of Eureka’s 28mm toxic zombies emerging from barrels (100MMR07) has come and gone, and a second has arrived. These figures are therefore in stock and available to buy in the Fighting 15s online shop. We expect these figures to be very popular and a third wave of zombie goodness will be on its way from Australia soon.

Also recently arrived are the new 28mm Soviets in NBC suits to complement the new releases of zombies. These add flamethrowers and RPGs to the types of weapons available, and the number of soldier variants has increased from five to eight. The figures are also available in the Fighting 15s shop. Again, these figures have been popular and we are already out of stock of some codes (mainly the flamethrowers). More will be on the way in due course.

Single figures in both the zombie and Soviets ranges are GBP1.40 each.

Please note that we cannot guarantee to provide specific variants under any circumstance. This is particularly pertinent to the new variants of the Soviets as we cannot guarantee to supply only the new variants. Our mixture of variants depends on what we are sent and what we already hold.

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