Fighting 15s restructures delivery charges

As of midday on 7 October 2008 we have removed the handling charge of GBP1.00 for all orders placed in the online shop. The handling charge used to cover the costs of packaging materials, bank and credit card fees, and the fuel surcharge we got copped with on our imports, and got tied into the delivery charge in the shopping cart.

The result is quite something for small orders: instead of a minimum delivery charge of GBP1.82 for the smallest of orders, this in theory drops to 65 pence including VAT. There is a downside, though: we have introduced a minimum order value of GBP1.50 – the price of just one pot of Coat d’arms paint.

We’ve been able to make this decision thanks to several changes that have benefited the business. First, our bank actually suggested a better tariff of bank charges for electronic payments, which means these now form a minuscule element of the financial equation. Second, we have been able fully to evaluate the benefits of shipping Eureka and AB figures in bulk, and of casting key 15mm AB Figures under licence, and discovered there is now enough margin to absorb the costs of packaging materials.

As has always been the case, the online shop uses the weight of items to calculate postage according to Royal Mail price bands.

Please note that delivery charges, as opposed to postage which in itself is VAT-exempt, attract VAT based on the contents of the package, and that therefore VAT is levied at 17.5% on the delivery charge for an order comprising or containing wargames figures, brushes, or paints.

Our delivery charges for orders placed by post and paid for by cheque or postal order remain unchanged, and are as stated on our downloadable order form. These delivery charges are based on the average percentage of annual sales that is attributable to postage, and assume payment by cheque or postal order, which now incur higher bank charges (if you pay by card, delivery charges are calculated on dispatch).

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