Shadowforge tribal heavy cavalry on dinosaurs

Shadowforge tribal heavy cavalry drummer

Shadowforge tribal heavy cavalry drummer

Shadowforge’s newly released Tribal heavy cavalry on dinosaurs are now in stock and available to buy in the online shop.

Codes and details of the range are as follows:

FAX145 Tribal heavy cavalry warrior 1
FAX146 Tribal heavy cavalry warrior 2
FAX147 Tribal heavy cavalry warrior 3
FAX148 Tribal heavy cavalry warrior 4
FAX149 Tribal heavy cavalry warrior 5
FAX150 Tribal heavy cavalry warrior 6
FAX151 Tribal heavy cavalry totem bearer
FAX152 Tribal heavy cavalry drummer
FAX153 Tribal heavy cavalry champion

All the above codes are resin and metal kits – the dinosaur is mainly resin. Codes FAX145 to FAX150 are GBP12.00 each; codes FAX151 to FAX153 are GBP13.50 each. The dinosaur provided may vary within each code.

Figures are provided unpainted and unassembled, and some experience of assembling white metal and resin kits is required. These items are not toys and are not suitable for children aged under 14.

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