Changing currencies in the Fighting 15s shop


Fighting 15s has just added the US dollar to our Worldpay payment system, which means we can display prices in dollars as well as pounds sterling and euros in the shop. The option to change currency appears at the bottom right of the website, as in the picture above.

Prices displayed will still include VAT at 17.5%, which is removed for US customers in the cart on choosing appropriate tax region. So a displayed price of USD3.72 for a pack of Oddzial Osmy 1:600 vehicles, for example, becomes USD3.17 on removal of tax. And a pack of eight 15mm AB infantry at USD5.70 becomes USD4.85 on removal of tax – just over 60 cents a figure. All based on exchange rates current at the time of writing.

Although prices are displayed in currencies other than pounds sterling, final transactions may be carried out in pounds sterling using the live exchange rate at the time. Final transaction value may vary slightly, therefore, from the total displayed.

A reminder that the Fighting 15s shopping cart charges postage at cost based on the weight of the items sent, in weight bands according to Royal Mail banding for large letter or small packet rate.

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