Super Wash paints in stock at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s has taken delivery of the exciting new Super Washes from Coat d’arms. These acrylic, water-based shading washes come in 18ml pots at just GBP1.50 each including VAT. Super Wash is available now in the Fighting 15 shop.

Fighting 15s is also offering the complete set of nine Super Wash paints at the introductory price of GBP12.00 including VAT. The set is available now in the online shop.

We are pleased to offer customers this range of paints. Super Washes offer a full 50% more volume of paint than comparable washes from a major wargames hobby company (18ml against 12ml), and cost some 75 pence less per pot (GBP1.50 against GBP2.25). Plus the range offers a yellow to provide a more complete painting palette.

We also have in stock the new acrylic, water-based yellow ink wash, code 168, which expands the number of existing traditional ink washes in the Coat d’arms range.

In full, the new additions to the Coat d’arms range of water-based acrylic paints are:

168 Ink Wash Yellow
169 Super Wash Black
170 Super Wash Green
171 Super Wash Red
172 Super Wash Blue
173 Super Wash Yellow
174 Super Wash Purple
175 Super Wash Light Brown
176 Super Wash Mid Brown
177 Super Wash Dark Brown

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