Fighting 15s looks Sharpe at Warfare

The Chained Eagle. 15mm Britihs infantry from AB Figures

Flags for AB: The Chained Eagle. 15mm British infantry from AB Figures

The world of Napoleonic wargaming is full of what-ifs, and in the run-up to Christmas, Fighting 15s is delighted to add to this speculative pastime.

What if, for example, there really were a South Essex regiment in the British army? What if there really were a Lieutenant Sharpe, and what if he actually captured a French eagle at Talavera in 1809? What if his feat were commemorated by the emblem of a French eagle in chains on the regimental colour of the South Essex?

More importantly, what if the maker of one of the finest range of paper flags for one of the finest ranges of 15mm Napoleonic figures were to make such a flag? And what if you could get it free with the purchase of a battalion of 15mm AB British Napoleonic infantry at Warfare this weekend?

Well it’s an end to all those what ifs. Pop along to the Fighting 15s stand (we’re with Black Hat Miniatures as usual) at Warfare, which is on 22 and 23 November at the Rivermead Leisure Centre, Reading, buy a 30-man battalion of 15mm AB British infantry for the usual price of GBP13.10, and we will give you a sheet of flags bearing a regimental colour of a chained eagle on a yellow field and a plain old King’s colour in not just 15mm but 28mm as well.

Or you can pop along to the Fighting 15s stand with two shiny modern “sovereigns” and buy the sheet alone for GBP2.00. That’s one pair of 15mm flags and one pair of 28mm flags for GBP2.00 (it’s a prince regently sum, but we have a designer to keep fed and watered).

Offer is limited to available stock only. If we run out of flags or figures, we run out. Only one sheet of flags or one battalion with flags per customer.

This “chained eagle“ offer, brought to you by Fighting 15s through its Flags for AB range, will be repeated for customers of our online shop ( in December 2008. Attendees of Warfare simply get first dibs. Fighting 15s is the EU agent for Eureka Miniatures and 15mm AB Figures.

Please be aware that although Fighting 15s is on course to attend Warfare as usual, a serious illness in the family may mean we have to change plans at the last minute and without warning, and that may mean we cannot attend the show. In this event, the “chained eagle” offer will be available through the Fighting 15s online shop in December. Do not get seriously peeved with Mike of Black Hat or his helpers if Fighting 15s is not at Warfare by some unfortunate chance.

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