Super Shader arrives in stock at Fighting 15s

Super Shader, the new range of shading products from Coat d’arms, has arrived in stock at Fighting 15s and is available to buy in the online shop. Super Shader is an acrylic, water-based stain that lets simple, block-painted figures be quickly and effectively highlighted and shaded.

Using Super Shader, wargamers can paint a whole army fast, providing a strong visual effect.

Super Shader is available in three tones:

420 Light Brown
421 Dark Brown
422 Black

The effect varies according to the tone used. Light brown provides the softest effect; black, the most intense.

Unlike existing solvent-based shading products, Super Shader is water based and brushes can be cleaned using water. As a water-based product, Super Shader can be sent legally through the post. Super Shader allows a consistent effect to be obtained compared with variable, home-mixed stains, and is available in 60ml pots – no need to buy a large tin. Each 60ml pot costs just GBP4.00 including VAT (that’s GBP3.40 ex VAT to customers outside the European Union) from Fighting 15s.

Super Shader is already proving very popular: it sold out on the first day of Warfare in Reading at the weekend, and restocks had to be brought in for day two. Accordingly, we have plenty in stock for customers.

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