Special Notice from Fighting 15s: update

An unexpected and serious illness in my immediate family means I may not always be able to answer emails promptly or be available on the phone. Please bear with me: I am trying to work as normally as possible.

My wife has acute myeloid leukaemia and is in hospital on the UK mainland: visiting her takes up a huge chunk of my week. I am currently running Fighting 15s part-time, and I typically manage to work three out of five working days a week.

Now we are over the shock, we are both optimistic about the outcome of treatment. The good news is that Janet is responding well to her second course of chemotherapy, and that I hope to have her back over Christmas before she has to go back to hospital for the next course. Not having to travel to Southampton for a week or so will also give me time to catch up with both home life and the business. 

During this time, if you absolutely must get hold of me to talk about toy soldiers and there is no answer on the main number, please ring my mobile number: 07790 984949 during my normal working hours. My mobile may be in silent mode if I am required at the hospital, and I will not be able to take orders. Otherwise, please leave a message, name and contact number on the usual Fighting 15s number (01983 752014), which has an answering service: I will get back to you as soon as I am able, possibly days later. If I forget, please give me a gentle reminder; I have lots on my mind and am bound to lose track of some requests or messages.

I will answer emails as and when I am able; again, this may be days later.


Originally posted 26 September 2008, and edited on 16 December 2008.

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