Fighting 15s single figures lists

We have a number of outstanding requests for our lists, which we regret we are still not in a position to fulfil. Since the reduction in VAT we have been so busy with orders that we have not yet had time to update our lists except for the 15mm AB Figures and the Flags for AB range, which only required a simple change. 

Our lists need updating both to incorporate new releases and, more importantly, to reflect the change in VAT. We regret that until we are able to make the change for VAT at least, our lists other than those related to 15mm AB Figures are unavailable. Customers who requested lists from November 2008 onwards are affected.

We appreciate that, of course, some customers need our lists to order figures, but we are also in the position where online orders and phone/mail orders from existing customers are already running us at full stretch. We have, for example, even with days off for family commitments, still sent out a full month’s quota of orders in the first two weeks of January, and do not forecast a return to normality in the next two weeks.

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