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Sabres and MiG-15s among new releases from Oddzial Osmy

Oddzial Osmy 1:600 Ferdinand tank destroyer

Fighting 15s has received its latest delivery from Oddzial Osmy of Poland, including the company’s new releases for January.

All the releases are in its 1:600 (3mm) vehicles and aircraft range, and there are additions for both the modern and WWII periods.

The releases are:

1:600 Moderns

BW-624 LARS 2 self-propelled rocket launcher on MAN truck chassis
SA-661 2S9 Nona 120mm airborne SP mortar
SA-662 SA-8 Gecko (Osa) mobile air defence system
SA-663 MiG-15 swept-wing jet fighter
US-652 F-86A Sabre fighter 

1:600 WWII

WBR-623 Rolls-Royce armoured car, modernised WWI veteran
WSU-629 Studebaker US6, US-made lend-lease truck
WWH-660 Ferdinand heavy tank destroyer

Packs contain 15 vehicles or 8 aircraft  and cost GBP2.50 inc VAT each, or around USD3.16 ex VAT. All the above are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s online shop.

Fighting 15s to resume shows schedule in autumn

Fighting 15s will not attend Salute on 28 March 2009. My wife’s illness is putting severe constraints on time, and I do not expect to be able to prepare for the show. Obviously I have not taken a decision to drop the biggest show in the UK gaming calendar lightly.

Janet is expected to have made a full recovery from leukaemia and be out of hospital for good in late spring. She will probably most need my care and attention around the time of Salute and for weeks afterwards.

I plan to resume Fighting 15s’ usual show attendances in early autumn, most probably starting with Colours.

Please note that Black Hat Miniatures’ attendance at Salute is not affected, and Mike will simply expand to occupy the full 12 foot of table space. Fighting 15s may well be marked on the floor plan of Salute, but you will find only Black Hat, our partner in Oozlum Games. I do not expect to be able to get to Mike’s before Salute, and therefore I am not in a position to take advance orders to leave with him.

Camelot Miniatures ranges arrive at Fighting 15s


Camelot Miniatures, 15mm Republican Roman Equites

Camelot Miniatures, 15mm Republican Roman Equites

Fighting 15s is delighted to announce that it has added Camelot Miniatures of Italy to its line-up of wargames figures makers. We have received our first shipment from the company, which brings into stock most of its growing range of 15mm Ancients and Medievals wargames figures, and the figures are available to buy now in the Fighting 15 online shop.

The 15mm Ancients ranges include Republican Romans, Greeks and Huns; the 15mm Medieval ranges include Arabs, Crusaders, Rus, and Vikings. We aim to add the 13th century medievals in our next shipment. Packs include 8 foot, or 4 mounted, or 6 foot command figures, and cost GBP3.60 each (about euros4.00 depending on how the exchange rate goes) including VAT at 15%. VAT is deducted for customers outside the European Union.

The 15mm infantry follow the modern trend for larger figures, and typically measure about 17mm foot to eye. We regret that we currently only have pictures of the Republican Romans.

The arrival of these fine figures helps fill a gap in the Fighting 15s line-up, which until now has largely bypassed these periods of warfare in 15mm.

New shipment arrives from Eureka

Fighting 15s has received its first shipment of figures of the new year from Eureka Miniatures of Australia, containing both AB and Eureka figures. The shipment covers our consignment references 0149, 0150 and 0151, which date back to late November and early December. We will be dealing with back orders relating to those consignment reference numbers as soon as possible.

Our parcel also contained three licensed moulds from Eureka for 15mm AB Figures, which will also help alleviate shortages of Imperial French line infantry and French hussars and line lancers, as we will be able to cast them to order in the UK.

New shipment arrives from Shadowforge

Our first order of the new year has arrived from Shadowforge Miniatures of Australia, and stocks of most codes are now good. Customers’ outstanding orders for figures from Shadowforge and Laughing Monk were dispatched on 12 February.

We have another order in with this manufacturer, expected to arrive early to mid March, that will boost stock levels further and also bring in some new ranges.

Latest releases from Oddzial Osmy now in stock


600 scale He111H

Oddzial Osmy 1:600 scale He111H

Fighting 15s has received and sorted its latest delivery from Polish manufacturer Oddział Osmy, bringing vital restocks of many codes, as well as the company’s releases for December.

The new releases are all in the 1:600 scale (3mm) WWII range of vehicles and aircraft, and consist of the following codes:


WWH-654 PzKpfw IIIN, version with short-barrelled 75mm gun
WWH-655 StuG IIIG, most common version of this assault gun
WWH-656 5omm PaK 38, 50mm anti-tank gun
WWH-657 105mm leFH 18, German light field howitzer
WWH-658 Heinkel He-111H, primary German medium bomber
WWH-659 Focke-Wulf Fw-190A, single-seat fighter

Soviet Union

WSU-627 I-153, the fastest biplane fighter of the world
WSU-628 Yak-1, first of Yakovlev’s fighters

Packs are GBP2.50 inc VAT each (GBP2.18 ex VAT, or about USD3.08), and usually comprise 15 vehicles or 8 aircraft. The new releases are now available in the Fighting 15 online shop.