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Eureka new releases: 15mm Gurkhas, Partizans and Indo-China War

Stocks of Eureka’s 15mm WWII Gurkhas and Partizans, plus the 20th century French Indo-China War figures have arrived at Fighting 15s, but we have not yet been able to add these ranges to the online shop. We hope to do so as soon as possible, but doing so is not our priority. Fighting 15s’ priorities are: first, family (given my wife’s serious illness); second, online orders for which payment has been taken by PayPal or WorldPay; third, other online orders; and fourth, anything else.

More shows in prospect for Fighting 15s

The days of Fighting 15s sticking two heavy bags of figures on a train and lugging them to various destinations ready for wargames shows are over: Ian passed his driving test today (on the second attempt). In future this should mean that Fighting 15s is able to carry a broader range of stock at shows, and now has the required mobility to get to more shows once family circumstances improve (Ian’s wife is currently recuperating from a long illness). 

Fighting 15s’ plans for 2009 remain unaltered. We intend to re-commence show attendances  in September 2009, starting with Colours at Newbury, followed by SELWG in October and Warfare in November. All will be attended in conjunction with our partner in Oozlum Games, Black Hat Miniatures. By then, Ian may have got some motorway driving behind him, and be up to long distances, opening up the possibility of adding more shows as regulars in the calendar from 2010.

Changes to delivery charges

Fighting 15s’ delivery charges have been updated to take into account price rises introduced by Royal Mail on 6 April 2009.

Our minimum delivery charge is now 61 pence plus VAT, and postage is calculated by weight according to Royal Mail rates for our shop’s weight ranges. In the UK items up to 250g are sent large letter rate, items up to 500g are sent at packet rate, items up to 750g are sent recorded packet rate, and items over 750g are sent special delivery. Note that although postage itself is exempt from VAT, VAT is due on delivery charges based on the contents of the package.

Items sent to Europe or Worldwide are sent small packet airmail below 500g, and registered post above that weight. The Royal Mail’s worldwide rates seem to have risen more than rates to other destinations, as customers in the USA will notice. Minimum postage to a destination in Europe is now 1.21 pence, and 1.93 pence to all other destinations. VAT is not charged on delivery charges for destinations outside the European Union.

Orders by post, fax and email

My wife’s illness is still affecting the running of Fighting 15s, and is a major factor in limiting my working week. I am therefore currently working about three days a week at best on Fighting 15s.

Because I am currently running at full stretch processing orders placed through the online shop, I have therefore decided to stop accepting orders by post, fax, or email until further notice. Accordingly, I have removed the remaining lists of single figure codes from the site. I aim to resume these services later in the year. Online orders account for about 85 per cent of Fighting 15s’ business and we are simply focusing on this core business for a few months until our working week returns to normal.

I will still accept some orders by phone because I am able to explain immediately to customers that their orders may take some time to fulfil.

At some point in the near future I will be adding selected single-figure codes to the online shop. These will be codes from the 15mm AB Figures range that can be cast in the UK from licensed moulds.

I am still very slow at answering most emails. Please be patient; they will get answered at some point.