Latest 1:600 arrivals from Oddzial Osmy

Fighting 15s has taken delivery of its latest shipment from Oddzial Osmy of Poland, and the company’s February releases of 1:600 scale aircraft and AFVs are now available in the online shop.

Releases include:

SA-664 MiG-17, Soviet jet fighter based on MiG-15 design
UK-625 Lynx AH1, British utility helicopter
US-653 A6A Intruder, all-weather carrier-based attack aircraft
US-654 F/A-18A Hornet, multirole Navy jet fighter
US-655 M47 Patton, predecessor of M48 tank

WWH-661 Sdkfz 250/9, recon half-track with 20mm gun turret
WWH-662 HQ stands with Opel Blitz radio van
WFR-625 Curtiss H75, US-made P-36 Hawk used by French air force

Packs are all GBP2.50 each, including VAT, and include 8 aircraft/helicopters or 15 vehicles. The ex-VAT price for US customers works out at about USD3.20 per pack.

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