More shows in prospect for Fighting 15s

The days of Fighting 15s sticking two heavy bags of figures on a train and lugging them to various destinations ready for wargames shows are over: Ian passed his driving test today (on the second attempt). In future this should mean that Fighting 15s is able to carry a broader range of stock at shows, and now has the required mobility to get to more shows once family circumstances improve (Ian’s wife is currently recuperating from a long illness). 

Fighting 15s’ plans for 2009 remain unaltered. We intend to re-commence show attendances  in September 2009, starting with Colours at Newbury, followed by SELWG in October and Warfare in November. All will be attended in conjunction with our partner in Oozlum Games, Black Hat Miniatures. By then, Ian may have got some motorway driving behind him, and be up to long distances, opening up the possibility of adding more shows as regulars in the calendar from 2010.

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