Orders and deliveries, latest news

Fighting 15s has a shrinking number of backorders for figures that are out of stock or available to special order. Most customers will have received most of the figures for their orders; very few are waiting for an entire order to ship. The backlog is currently caused by unusually high demand for some codes and the length of time it takes for us to get fresh stock from our international suppliers if a code goes out of stock.

Shipments are expected to arrive as follows:

Eureka (and AB Figures): Consignments 0161, 0162, 0163  have arrived and require unpacking and sorting. Consignments 0164 to 0167 are expected in mid May. Later consignments are not expected until June. Please note that we are completely out of stock of AB-B20 and AB-B27 Highland infantry, AB-F42 French 6pdr, AB-F46 French 12pdr and AB-W02/04 Wurttemberg infantry command until new deliveries arrive.

Shadowforge (and Laughing Monk):  Our missing shipment has surfaced after seven weeks, and we hope to sort it shortly and update the online shop.

Aude:  Aude has partly shipped an order, but we are still out of stock of 1848 Sardinians until this order is completed. Aude is expected to ship the balance of this order very soon.

Oddzial Osmy: We have not ordered the March releases from this company, and will only be doing so once we know the April releases, in order to make the order economical to ship.

We remind customers that because of a serious, long-term illness in the family, Fighting 15s is operating a reduced working week and may not be prompt to deal with orders and emails. As of 7 May, however, we are up to date with orders. Now we only have to catch up with unpacking deliveries and updating the website with new releases…

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