Better shopping with Fighting 15s

The redesign of the Fighting 15s online shop has meant we have been using the shopping cart to test the site. Customers may find that browsing through the hierarchical structure of categories and products can be slow, although it’s the best way to organize how our products and ranges are presented so they are easy to find.

There are ways of speeding up the shopping experience, and we have posted the essence of this news item as the lead item in our FAQs.

If you are shopping for items in a particular range, then once you know the base codes you can use the Search function to have other options displayed.

For example, if you have one item from the AB Imperial French range in your cart, such as code AB-IF01/24, you can display other figures in that category by searching for AB-IF  and having all the results displayed in a list. You can further reduce the number of products displayed by searching for partial codes such as AB-IF0, AB-IF1, AB-IF2, or AB-IFC

Or in the shopping cart you can click on the product name of the item you last bought to be returned to that item, and then use the hierarchical menu at the top to return to the category.

For example, if the cart displays AB-IF01/24, rather than click on the continue shopping button and return to the home page, click on the item title in the cart to be returned to the product page, in this case for AB-IF01/24. Once there, click on the hierarchical menu at the top to go back one or even two or more categories (in this instance the hierarchical menu reads: Home > AB Figures & Flags > 15mm > Napoleonic Wars > French > Infantry > Line Infantry 1806-1812 >. This will get you back to the category you were last in faster – you’ll do it in just two clicks rather than seven, and get around the online shop far quicker.

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