Eureka 15mm French Indo-China War figures

Eureka’s 15mm French Indo-China War figures are now available to buy in the online shop.

We have introduced a new way of buying the figures: some of the basic infantry codes are available as single figures, as well as in packs, to allow more flexibility in compiling units. These single figures are zero-weighted for the purposes of calculating delivery charges, and instead their prices factor in the average delivery charge for all orders at Fighting 15s. This overcomes the limitations of the weight-based shopping cart, which can only operate in 10g increments. The shopping cart will still charge the base delivery charge; it’s simply that single figures won’t increase this charge.

Single-figure codes in the French Indo-China War range that are zero-weighted are prefixed E15ICW; packs and items that have weights assigned use the usual Eureka prefix of 300ICW.

Please note that stocks of these figures are limited and that we may have to obtain them to special order, in which case delivery may take eight or more weeks.

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