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Fighting 15s catches up with new releases


Cardigan & Clockwork parlour game, Eureka Miniatures

Fighting 15s is at last up to date with all Eureka Miniatures’ new releases of the past nine months – or we hope we are! As the health of my wife improves during her recuperation from her treatment for leukaemia, I have been able to find more time to devote to the online shop and have gradually been adding Eureka’s new releases. The last of them, which even Eureka may have forgotten about by now because they were released in 2008, are the Cardigan & Clockwork parlour game, and the Beowulf set, which finally went up last night.

Yes, releases dating back to 2008. It has been a hard nine months. Anyone who wants to in effect be a single-parent, run a business, cope with home, garden and family, learn to drive, and make more hospital visits than I’d ever thought I’d do in a lifetime, is welcome to try to do better.

Now that we’re on top of Eureka Miniatures’s releases, we will be moving on to updates from Shadowforge and Oddzial Osmy over the next week or so. Stay tuned.

Farewell to logging in Fighting 15s

We have temporarily removed the need to log in to place an order in the Fighting 15s shop. This is an experiment to see how well this change in the checkout procedure is received by our customers. If this change is well received we will make it permanent.

The advantage of removing the login is that you no longer need to create an account and password to make a purchase, and therefore you don’t need to remember which email address or password you used on a previous visit. It will also, we hope, eliminate the very rare moments when security software on the user’s PC or old cookies and browser cache information interfere with logging in.

The disadvantage is that all customers will have to enter delivery information each time, slowing down the checkout process if you are a returning customer – unless you use autofill. Our shop software does not permit customer accounts and the quick checkout procedure to be used at the same time.

Fighting 15s accounts have only ever been used to store customers’ delivery and contact information for convenience for future orders. We do not use this information for mailing campaigns or other marketing exercises. Unlike some other online carts, the Fighting 15s cart has always shown delivery costs without requiring customers to first set up an account.

Confession time at Fighting 15s

Over the past nine months I have been slow trying to handle the demanding needs of my wife’s illness, family and the business, but I thought I’d been coping quite well with everything apart from emails (which I admit continue to overwhelm me at times). Until, that is, I discovered last week that in a confused state I’d shredded a few outstanding orders using that nice cross-cut shredder I’d got in to help meet security requirements with regards to customers’ credit card details.

The result is that I’ve minced a few manual (i.e. telephone or snail mail) orders beyond recovery. They were mainly orders originally intended for Salute, which I never got to attend, and what they have in common is that I have been waiting for deliveries to come in to fulfil them. Quite obviously these orders cannot now be fulfilled, for which I apologise, and I have no clue to whom they belonged. So if you’ve been waiting for an order to arrive and you placed it by phone or post sometime this year, the likelihood is that it is in pieces and you will need to get in touch and, assuming you have sufficient confidence I will not do such a half-brained thing again, place your order again.

I should emphasize that payment has not been taken for any of the affected orders, because the orders had card details to be charged when ready for dispatch, and that no more than half-a-dozen orders are affected.

Orders placed in the online shop are safe from such idiocy because copies are kept by the computer, and I can therefore recover them.

So, once again my sincerest apologies. As the burden of dealing with Janet’s illness lightens, normality and efficient order processing will return.

Eureka 28mm AWI and FIW releases at Fighting 15s

Ragged Continental artillery, Eureka Miniatures, 28mm

Ragged Continental artillery, Eureka Miniatures, 28mm

Eureka Miniatures’ latest additions to its ranges of 28mm figures for the French and Indian Wars and the American War of Independence are now available in the Fighting 15s online shop.

Additions include ragged Continental artillery crew and cannon for the AWI, and provincial regular infantry and a young George Washington with horse and dogs for the French and Indian Wars.

Our stocks are limited, and therefore delivery may take eight or more weeks if we sell out.

Foot figures are priced at GBP1.40 each, cannon at GBP6.00 each, artillery crew at GBP5.60 for four figures, and the George Washington set costs GBP5.00. Prices include VAT at 15%.

Isle of Wight Festival 2009

The Isle of Wight Festival on 12 to 14 June will take Fighting 15s out of the loop from Thursday 11 June as we take an extended break to enjoy it. We will be closed from midday on Thursday 11 June to about midday on Monday 15 June, when our usual haphazard service of the past nine months will resume.

The event is a pale shade of the 1970 festival that happened just a few miles from where I live, but none the less attracts around 60,000 people. Bands of interest to me this year include The Pixies, The Zombies, The Arcadian Kicks, Neil Young, The Ting Tings, McFly, The Charlatans, The Australian Pink Floyd Show and Killing Joke.

Latest additions to Fighting 15s shop

One wet Sunday afternoon later, and we have been able to add a number of releases from Eureka Miniatures to the online shop.

The WWII Gurkhas, Russian partizans, and US Pacific Theatre troops (US Cavalry, Sailors and Filipinos) have been added to the 15mm category. Stocks of the Gurkhas and partizans are limited and the others are available to special order, and delivery may therefore take eight or more weeks. We appreciate these figures have been available for some time, but shop updates have been a low priority compared with paid-for orders and, of course, the health of my family.

As with all new additions to the shop, there is also a special code to buy individual rank and file figures instead of the usual packs of 8 infantry or 4 cavalry, allowing greater flexibility in compiling forces. We will gradually be implementing this across all the ranges we stock, but it will take some time to accomplish. The prices for the single figures include delivery based on the average delivery charge for all orders at Fighting 15s, and therefore do not add to the shop’s base delivery charge. This is the only way we have been able to deal with sub-10g items in a shopping cart that calculates delivery charges based on 10g increments.

We have also been able to add pictures for the 15mm range of Ancients from AB Figures, as these images have now been provided to us by Eureka Miniatures.

We still have to resize the bulk of pictures on the site following the redesign, as well as add the new releases from Shadowforge when we can find time to unpack our shipment.