Latest additions to Fighting 15s shop

One wet Sunday afternoon later, and we have been able to add a number of releases from Eureka Miniatures to the online shop.

The WWII Gurkhas, Russian partizans, and US Pacific Theatre troops (US Cavalry, Sailors and Filipinos) have been added to the 15mm category. Stocks of the Gurkhas and partizans are limited and the others are available to special order, and delivery may therefore take eight or more weeks. We appreciate these figures have been available for some time, but shop updates have been a low priority compared with paid-for orders and, of course, the health of my family.

As with all new additions to the shop, there is also a special code to buy individual rank and file figures instead of the usual packs of 8 infantry or 4 cavalry, allowing greater flexibility in compiling forces. We will gradually be implementing this across all the ranges we stock, but it will take some time to accomplish. The prices for the single figures include delivery based on the average delivery charge for all orders at Fighting 15s, and therefore do not add to the shop’s base delivery charge. This is the only way we have been able to deal with sub-10g items in a shopping cart that calculates delivery charges based on 10g increments.

We have also been able to add pictures for the 15mm range of Ancients from AB Figures, as these images have now been provided to us by Eureka Miniatures.

We still have to resize the bulk of pictures on the site following the redesign, as well as add the new releases from Shadowforge when we can find time to unpack our shipment.

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