Confession time at Fighting 15s

Over the past nine months I have been slow trying to handle the demanding needs of my wife’s illness, family and the business, but I thought I’d been coping quite well with everything apart from emails (which I admit continue to overwhelm me at times). Until, that is, I discovered last week that in a confused state I’d shredded a few outstanding orders using that nice cross-cut shredder I’d got in to help meet security requirements with regards to customers’ credit card details.

The result is that I’ve minced a few manual (i.e. telephone or snail mail) orders beyond recovery. They were mainly orders originally intended for Salute, which I never got to attend, and what they have in common is that I have been waiting for deliveries to come in to fulfil them. Quite obviously these orders cannot now be fulfilled, for which I apologise, and I have no clue to whom they belonged. So if you’ve been waiting for an order to arrive and you placed it by phone or post sometime this year, the likelihood is that it is in pieces and you will need to get in touch and, assuming you have sufficient confidence I will not do such a half-brained thing again, place your order again.

I should emphasize that payment has not been taken for any of the affected orders, because the orders had card details to be charged when ready for dispatch, and that no more than half-a-dozen orders are affected.

Orders placed in the online shop are safe from such idiocy because copies are kept by the computer, and I can therefore recover them.

So, once again my sincerest apologies. As the burden of dealing with Janet’s illness lightens, normality and efficient order processing will return.

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