Fighting 15s catches up with new releases


Cardigan & Clockwork parlour game, Eureka Miniatures

Fighting 15s is at last up to date with all Eureka Miniatures’ new releases of the past nine months – or we hope we are! As the health of my wife improves during her recuperation from her treatment for leukaemia, I have been able to find more time to devote to the online shop and have gradually been adding Eureka’s new releases. The last of them, which even Eureka may have forgotten about by now because they were released in 2008, are the Cardigan & Clockwork parlour game, and the Beowulf set, which finally went up last night.

Yes, releases dating back to 2008. It has been a hard nine months. Anyone who wants to in effect be a single-parent, run a business, cope with home, garden and family, learn to drive, and make more hospital visits than I’d ever thought I’d do in a lifetime, is welcome to try to do better.

Now that we’re on top of Eureka Miniatures’s releases, we will be moving on to updates from Shadowforge and Oddzial Osmy over the next week or so. Stay tuned.

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