Farewell to logging in Fighting 15s

We have temporarily removed the need to log in to place an order in the Fighting 15s shop. This is an experiment to see how well this change in the checkout procedure is received by our customers. If this change is well received we will make it permanent.

The advantage of removing the login is that you no longer need to create an account and password to make a purchase, and therefore you don’t need to remember which email address or password you used on a previous visit. It will also, we hope, eliminate the very rare moments when security software on the user’s PC or old cookies and browser cache information interfere with logging in.

The disadvantage is that all customers will have to enter delivery information each time, slowing down the checkout process if you are a returning customer – unless you use autofill. Our shop software does not permit customer accounts and the quick checkout procedure to be used at the same time.

Fighting 15s accounts have only ever been used to store customers’ delivery and contact information for convenience for future orders. We do not use this information for mailing campaigns or other marketing exercises. Unlike some other online carts, the Fighting 15s cart has always shown delivery costs without requiring customers to first set up an account.

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