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Strine fever affects Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s is closed for most of this week for the state visit of Mr Australia, Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures. Not much will happen until Friday.

Price changes for Eureka Miniatures

Fighting 15s has adjusted prices for figures supplied by Eureka Miniatures to account for the worsening of the exchange rate over the past six months.

The exchange rate against the Australian dollar has gone past our safe margins and we are currently getting up to 30 cents less per pound sterling than we used to a year ago, a drop of about 13%. A price rise was inevitable because running costs are increasing, in spite of the economic downturn.

We have always operated with slimmer margins on the prices of Eureka’s 28mm foot figures to keep them affordable, and will largely continue to do so. Because we choose to set slimmer than usual margins, we don’t offer discounts for large orders.

In theory we should now charge¬† GBP1.65 for every 28mm foot figure from Eureka but instead we have decided that prices for figures from Eureka Miniatures’ traditional wargames lines should rise from GBP1.40 to GBP1.50 for 28mm foot figures, and from GBP 3.00 to GBP3.25 for 28mm mounted figures, inclusive of VAT. We regard traditional wargames lines as those where multiples of figures will usually be bought to make up units, in effect our suppressed price reflects a bulk saving.

However, the prices of the more specialised figures ranges rise from GBP1.40 to GBP1.65 for 28mm foot figures, inclusive of VAT. We regard specialised ranges as figures than usually only sell in singles. For comparison, please note that this results in an equivalent price of GBP1.44 ex-tax, which is still less than the current ex-tax price of any 28mm foot figure direct from Eureka (Eureka’s website shows prices exclusive of tax).

The increase should put us on an even footing until the exchange rate alters significantly either way. And yes, that does mean that prices are likely to drop if the exchange rate with the Australian dollar swings back in our favour.

We have also re-priced the 15mm and 18mm lines, with packs of 8 foot or 4 mounted rising from GBP3.20 to GBP3.40 inclusive of VAT. This is a rise of 6.25%. The ex-VAT price works out at GBP0.37 for an 15mm or 18mm foot figure and GBP0.74 for an 18mm mounted figure, as against GBP0.40 and GBP0.79 ex-tax direct from Eureka.

Prices of 15mm Napoleonic and Ancients from AB Figures have also had to rise to GBP3.80 inc VAT for a pack of eight foot figures, and to GBP4.20 for four cavalry. The ex-tax prices for AB Napoleonics and Ancients are still favourable compared with ex-tax prices direct from Eureka (GBP0.41 for foot, GBP0.91 for mounted against Eureka’s GBP0.45 and GBP0.90 respectively).

15mm Napoleonic AB Figures now available singly at Fighting 15s

Some 15mm Napoleonic AB Figures can now be ordered as single figures using the new single figure codes in the Fighting 15s online shop.

Our shop’s weight-based system for calculating delivery charges has a severe limitation for 15mm figures because it works in steps of 10 grammes – substantially more than the weight of a single 15mm figure. As a result Fighting 15s has combined figures into packs so the shopping cart can calculate postage fairly and accurately – and will continue to do so.

The single figure codes overcome this limitation by including delivery in the price and by zero-weighting the figures. Zero-weighting the figures means they won’t increase the weight of items in the shopping cart. The cart will still have a base delivery charge that depends on a customer’s delivery options, but the single figure codes themselves won’t increase this base charge. The delivery factored into the price of the single figure codes is simply based on the average delivery charge across all orders placed at Fighting 15s, weighted depending on whether the figure is a foot figure or a mounted figure.

Single figure codes are restricted to items that are cast under licence in the UK using authorised moulds produced in Australia by Eureka Miniatures. Single figures are cast to order. If a figure does not appear in the single figure codes, Fighting 15s does not yet cast it under licence. The number of licensed moulds for AB Figures is increasing, and as more are received from Eureka, so we will increase the number of single figure codes that are available. Fighting 15s is restricting single figure codes to those figures it produces under licence because figures can be cast to order as necessary without waiting for them to come into stock. It naturally follows that if a figure is available as a single figure code, then a pack of figures comprising only items from the single figure codes will always be available – and that means no wait for the figures to come into stock.

We stress that the ability to buy figures singly does not imply the ability to specify the variant. All variants are supplied at random and under no circumstances can Fighting 15s guarantee to supply a particular variant.

Single 15mm AB foot figures cost GBP0.50 including VAT and factored delivery; single 15mm AB mounted figures cost GBP1.20 including VAT and factored delivery. The prices in packs work out at GBP0.45 and GBP1.00 respectively (including VAT but excluding delivery).

Some figures attract a premium, typically an additional GBP0.50. These figures are either standard bearers or figures that don’t reliably come out of the moulds. This means we typically have to spin a mould more than once to produce a single usable figure, and the premium reflects this.

Single figure codes aren’t there to be used to build up an army: we must emphasise that they’re there to allow more flexibility in the composition of units. You’ll get better value out of packs, unit packs and the bargain packs. We appreciate that single figure codes currently offer a fraction of the entire line of 15mm AB Figures: we are mainly trying to get moulds to cover the most commonly requested figures from AB, such as marching infantry, and the new releases. The most significant gaps should be filled over the next 12 months.

The single figure codes replace our paper lists of codes, which ceased to be valid in December 2008, and which we have not found time to update because of a long-term illness in the family. Fighting 15s will ultimately be adding single figure codes for imported 15mm figures from Eureka Miniatures in due course so that the online codes offer the same flexibility as our old paper lists.

Flags for AB releases Young Guard fanions in 15mm

Believe it or not, Fighting 15s is still filling out the 15mm Napoleonic Flags for AB range of paper flags, and we’ve tracked down some more useful additions for the French. We have two new releases, both containing 13 flags, with each sheet costing GBP3.25 including VAT.

Sheet FRA-F43, Imperial Guard Fanions (1809 to 1815), contains: Official and unofficial Fusilier fanions (4 total), Tirailleurs fanions (4 total, including 1st and 5th Tirailleur-Grenadiers), Voltigeurs fanions (5 total including 1st and 13th)

Sheet FRA-F44, Imperial Guard and Line Infantry Fanions (1806 to 1815), contains: Official and unofficial Flanquers fanions (2 total), Pupilles fanion (1), squadron and company standard Mamelukes of the Guard (2 flags total), Imperial Guard and line infantry fanions (7 total, probable designs), and the 7th light infantry 4th battalion fanion (because we can do it).

The Mamelukes are a strange omission from the original range of flags, and because the second company was part of the Young Guard we have taken to opportunity to include standards in this release.

Both sheets are available now in the Fighting 15s shop.

Eureka 28mm Pulpitations: the Dogfaced GIs

Eureka Miniatures 28mm Pulpitations: Easy Company, the Dogfaces

Eureka Miniatures 28mm Pulpitations: Easy Company, the Dogfaces

Easy Company, the Dogfaces, the first release in Eureka Miniatures’ 28mm Pulpitations line of WWII pulp fiction figures is now in stock and available in the Fighting 15s shop.

The figures are available as a complete set 100PLP01 containing codes 100PLP02 to 100PLP14 inclusive and, for a limited period, the mini-diorama 100PLP15. The Dogfaces in their entirety  cost GBP22.00 including VAT (or GBP19.13 ex VAT).

Figures are also available separately at GBP1.65 inc VAT for singles and GBP3.30 inc VAT for pairs or sets (that’s GBP1.44 and GBP2.87 ex VAT respectively).

The set represents a saving of GBP1.10 on the price of the individual codes (or a saving of GBP4.40 while it includes 100PLP15).

Please note that we have a limited number of sets on our initial shipment, and re-stocks can take eight or more weeks to arrive.

More 15mm 1st Italian War of Independence arrivals from Aude

Here at Fighting 15s we love Aude Historica’s figures and dealing with the charming Ugo del Col. But arrivals are a bit sporadic and, as at Christmas, you never know quite what you’re going to get. It largely resembles what we order, but there are sometimes interesting variations…

Our latest order has taken something like four months to complete, thanks partly to the Italian shows season and because Aude uses a contract caster. So what was bright shiny and new when we ordered it is a little less hot, and we will have to play catch up to get the latest additions to Aude’s range of 15mm First Italian War of Independence 1848 figures and to bring in the promising Colonials range.

None the less, we now have the following new codes in stock for the 1848 range:

AU006 Austrian Hussars
AU007 Austrian dragoons
AU008 Austrian uhlans
BB003 Borbon artillery
BB007 Borbon generals
MI004 Milan “Battalion of Death” and Lombardy Finanzieri
RO004 Roman Republic Garibaldini
RO005 Roman Republic Bersaglieri del Po
RO008 Roman Republic Lancers of Death (Garibaldi’s lancers)
TO003 Tuscan Civic Guards in helmets

Packs contain 24 infantry or 12 cavalry, including command, two guns and eight crew, or four mounted and four foot generals. They cost the somewhat princely GBP10.00 per pack including VAT thanks to the appalling exchange rate with the euro. And if you think that’s bad, the packs cost 12 euros each direct from Aude. Codes on the packs may be at variance from those on the Aude website, so please go by the description of the contents.

We are in the process of putting some of Aude’s better pictures on the site (some don’t meet our requirements for quality and level of detail), but they are viewable at