Shadowforge 28mm: new arrivals at Fighting 15s

Shadowforge 28mm Temple of the Light Auxiliary Archers

Shadowforge 28mm Temple of the Light Auxiliary Archers

By new, well, we mean they arrived some time ago and family circumstances have only just allowed us enough time to unpack and sort them today. There are new releases, however, in the form of the auxiliary swords and archers for the Temple of the Light range, 1 FALM108 and 1FALM109 respectively. Packs contain six figures and cost GBP12.00 each including VAT.

Not new from Shadowforge Miniatures in the slightest, but new to the Fighting 15s shop is the range of Gridiron teams: female, bunny girl, nun, orc, elf and wicked elf. We’ve been meaning to get these into stock for ages, but they have not really been part of our core subject matter so they’ve not been a priority. Teams start at GBP20.00 inc VAT (GBP30.00 for the orc team), and we also have the management and support packs, plus the referees.

The Australian dollar is not being very kind to the pound at present, but none the less our tax-inclusive prices are still comparable with the tax-exclusive prices at Shadowforge itself. And we charge shipping at cost based on the total weight of items in an order.

Our next order should bring in the new Politburo releases.

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