Price changes for Eureka Miniatures

Fighting 15s has adjusted prices for figures supplied by Eureka Miniatures to account for the worsening of the exchange rate over the past six months.

The exchange rate against the Australian dollar has gone past our safe margins and we are currently getting up to 30 cents less per pound sterling than we used to a year ago, a drop of about 13%. A price rise was inevitable because running costs are increasing, in spite of the economic downturn.

We have always operated with slimmer margins on the prices of Eureka’s 28mm foot figures to keep them affordable, and will largely continue to do so. Because we choose to set slimmer than usual margins, we don’t offer discounts for large orders.

In theory we should now charge¬† GBP1.65 for every 28mm foot figure from Eureka but instead we have decided that prices for figures from Eureka Miniatures’ traditional wargames lines should rise from GBP1.40 to GBP1.50 for 28mm foot figures, and from GBP 3.00 to GBP3.25 for 28mm mounted figures, inclusive of VAT. We regard traditional wargames lines as those where multiples of figures will usually be bought to make up units, in effect our suppressed price reflects a bulk saving.

However, the prices of the more specialised figures ranges rise from GBP1.40 to GBP1.65 for 28mm foot figures, inclusive of VAT. We regard specialised ranges as figures than usually only sell in singles. For comparison, please note that this results in an equivalent price of GBP1.44 ex-tax, which is still less than the current ex-tax price of any 28mm foot figure direct from Eureka (Eureka’s website shows prices exclusive of tax).

The increase should put us on an even footing until the exchange rate alters significantly either way. And yes, that does mean that prices are likely to drop if the exchange rate with the Australian dollar swings back in our favour.

We have also re-priced the 15mm and 18mm lines, with packs of 8 foot or 4 mounted rising from GBP3.20 to GBP3.40 inclusive of VAT. This is a rise of 6.25%. The ex-VAT price works out at GBP0.37 for an 15mm or 18mm foot figure and GBP0.74 for an 18mm mounted figure, as against GBP0.40 and GBP0.79 ex-tax direct from Eureka.

Prices of 15mm Napoleonic and Ancients from AB Figures have also had to rise to GBP3.80 inc VAT for a pack of eight foot figures, and to GBP4.20 for four cavalry. The ex-tax prices for AB Napoleonics and Ancients are still favourable compared with ex-tax prices direct from Eureka (GBP0.41 for foot, GBP0.91 for mounted against Eureka’s GBP0.45 and GBP0.90 respectively).

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