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AB Figures: 15mm French dragoons join single figure codes

Fighting 15s has at last had chance to proof its mould of AB 15mm Napoleonic French dragoons. We are now able to cast to order all the codes comprising AB’s French dragoons figures, and as a result have added them to the single figure codes in the Fighting 15s shop. We still have to proof our mould of AB 15mm Napoleonic French guard cavalry, and these will be the next figures that we add.

Our moulds for 15mm AB Figures are made for us by Eureka Miniatures of Australia, the officially licensed manufacturer of 15mm AB Figures. Licensed moulds allow Fighting 15s to cast 15mm AB Figures to order rather than having to wait for deliveries to arrive from Australia, which means in theory that we can’t run out of French Napoleonic dragoons.

Oozlum Games: Price cut on Martian Empires rules

Martian Empires, Oozlum Games’ set of Victorian SF rules, has dropped in price from GBP15.00 to GBP10.00. Mike and I have been talking about the price of this set of rules for some time, and as we have virtually covered our printing costs, and because Mike has a whole pile of new releases planned or under way for figures for the game, we have decided the price can drop to stimulate further interest – the Yahoo group already has over 400 members, which is quite healthy, but more are welcome.

I am also still working on putting together the print edition of Huzzah!, which will be Oozlum Games’ next release, probably around the time of Salute 2010. But I have a lot to do to get it to the same standard as Martian Empires on presentation, and to combine the current three volumes into one.

Martian Empires is available direct from Black Hat in the UK and Scale Creep in the US. The price in the US has fallen from USD35.00 to just USD20.00. Martian Empires is also listed in the rules section of the Fighting 15s site.

Eureka Miniatures: Hardlove Light Steam Charger

Eureka’s Hardlove Light Steam Charger (code PAXR42) has been conspicuous by its absence from the Fighting 15s shop – until now, that is. The model, which sits in the Pax Limpopo range of 28mm Victorian SF figures, is produced by Eureka under licence from Ground Zero Games, and there has seemed little point stocking this item and shipping it across the globe when it can be easily obtained far more cheaply and far faster in the UK. GZG, however, cannot currently produce resin vehicles, so we have at last imported some from Eureka.

The Hardlove Steam Charger is now available in the Fighting 15s online shop, priced GBP10.75.

Eureka Miniatures expands 10mm fantasy range

Eureka Miniatures: 10mm Fantasy figures

The latest additions to Eureka Miniatures’ range of 10mm fantasy figures are now available in the Fighting 15s online shop.

Releases include:

400FAN18 Wood Trolls, 4 assorted figures
400FAN19 Woodland Creatures (Kerunnai Huntsman, Sorceress on unicorn, Wood Hags x 15, Wolfhounds x 15), 32 assorted figures
400FAN20 Woolly Rhinos, 6 assorted figures
400FAN21 Anvil Dwarfs, 30 assorted figures
400FAN22 High Elf Reavers with axes, 30 assorted figures
400FAN23 Warspite Elves with spears, 30 assorted figures
400FAN24 Elves mounted on stags, 15 assorted figures
400FAN25 Elves mounted on falcons, 5 assorted figures
400FAN26 Chaos Dwarfs with blunderbuss, 30 assorted figures

Pack 400FAN26 comprises only the blunderbuss-armed figures from the original Chaos Dwarfs pack (400FAN14), making them ideal for use as Thunderers.

All packs are GBP7.00 each including VAT.

Fighting 15s takes a short break

Ian is taking an impromptu short break and will be back in action on Wednesday. The online shop is open as usual, but there is now a slight backlog on orders.