Eureka Miniatures expands 10mm fantasy range

Eureka Miniatures: 10mm Fantasy figures

The latest additions to Eureka Miniatures’ range of 10mm fantasy figures are now available in the Fighting 15s online shop.

Releases include:

400FAN18 Wood Trolls, 4 assorted figures
400FAN19 Woodland Creatures (Kerunnai Huntsman, Sorceress on unicorn, Wood Hags x 15, Wolfhounds x 15), 32 assorted figures
400FAN20 Woolly Rhinos, 6 assorted figures
400FAN21 Anvil Dwarfs, 30 assorted figures
400FAN22 High Elf Reavers with axes, 30 assorted figures
400FAN23 Warspite Elves with spears, 30 assorted figures
400FAN24 Elves mounted on stags, 15 assorted figures
400FAN25 Elves mounted on falcons, 5 assorted figures
400FAN26 Chaos Dwarfs with blunderbuss, 30 assorted figures

Pack 400FAN26 comprises only the blunderbuss-armed figures from the original Chaos Dwarfs pack (400FAN14), making them ideal for use as Thunderers.

All packs are GBP7.00 each including VAT.

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