More 1:600 Italians and Israelis arrive from Oddzial Osmy

Fighting 15s has just taken delivery of the latest new releases in 1:600 scale from Oddzial Osmy of Poland. The new releases are available now in the online shop. We will also have them at Colours in Newbury this weekend (12-13 September) – come along and see us and be the first to add these figures to your collection.

The releases are:


SA-665 GAZ-66 light all-terrain truck

IS-608 Sherman M50, modified Sherman tank with new 75mm gun
IS-609 Tiran 5, captured T-55 tank, rearmed and modified to Israeli standards

World War II

WBR-631 Bedford QLT, British truck used as troop carrier
WBR-632 Gloster Gladiator biplane fighter, immortalised in the defence of Malta in 1940

WIT-609 M13/40, modified M 11/39 tank with new turret with 47 mm gun, mainstay of Italian armoured units
WIT-610 AB 41 armoured car, with 20mm automatic Breda gun
WIT-611 Fiat G.50 Freccia, first Italian monoplane fighter that went into production
WIT-612 Re2000 Falco, inspired by Seversky P35 but plagued with reliability issues

Packs are GBP2.50 each (including VAT) and contain either 15 vehicles or 8 aircraft.

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