AB Figures: 15mm Napoleonic French guard cavalry join single-figure codes

Fighting 15s is now able to cast to order all the codes comprising AB’s 15mm French Napoleonic Imperial Guard cavalry, and as a result has added them to the single figure codes in the Fighting 15s shop.

Prices for single figure codes include delivery and VAT, and single figure codes do not increase the weight of orders in the cart when it calculates postage due on an order (single figure codes are zero-weighted for delivery). The cart, however, does apply a minimum delivery charge. Single figure codes are intended to allow customers more flexibility when compiling units.

Our moulds for 15mm AB Figures are made for us by Eureka Miniatures of Australia, the officially licensed manufacturer of 15mm AB Figures. Licensed moulds allow Fighting 15s to cast 15mm AB Figures to order rather than having to wait for deliveries to arrive from Australia.

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