Captain Jane’s Rifles arrive at Fighting 15s

Laughing Monk: Captain Jane's Rifles

Laughing Monk: Captain Jane's Rifles

Our latest shipment from Laughing Monk has brought in Captain Jane’s Rifles as well as the Federation Marines and other characters.

The new releases and codes are as follows:

LM0030 Federation Marine Commander Tuskin
LM0031 Federation Marine Trooper Hammond
LM0032 Federation Marine Trooper Carter
LM0033 Federation Marine Trooper Oneil
LM0034 Captain Lotus
LM0035 Lord Commander Kurasawa
LM0036 Demon Elf Shiva Deathdealer
LM0037 Comrade Ivanna
LM0038 Federation Marine Sergeant Klato
LM0039 Federation Officer The Major
LM0040 Captain Jim Hawk
LM0041 Captain Jane’s Rifles – Sgt Lusty Ann
LM0042 Captain Jane’s Rifles – Rummy Sal
LM0043 Captain Jane’s Rifles – Catherine
LM0044 Captain Jane’s Rifles – Leanne
LM0045 Captain Jane’s Rifles – Belinda

More figures for Captain Jane’s Rifles are expected to be released later in the year.

Figures are 32mm in size. Prices are GBP3.50 per figure, except codes LM0034, LM0035 and LM0040 which are GBP4.25 per figure, inclusive of VAT.

Fighting 15s regrets that poor exchange rate with the Australian dollar means we have had to increase the prices of most Laughing Monk figures by about GBP0.25 each.

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