Shadowforge: 28mm Politburo Worker Battalion

Shadwofroge: 28mm Politburo Worker Battalion

Shadowforge: 28mm Politburo Worker Battalion

Shadowforge’s latest arrivals in the UK at Fighting 15s include the Politburo Worker Battalion.

Codes and details are as follows:

1SCM155 Politburo Worker Battalion Command (4 figures)
1SCM156 Politburo Worker Battalion Support Weapons (4 figures)
1SCM157 Politburo Worker Battalion Infantry (4 figures)

Command and Support packs are GBP9.75 each; the Infantry pack is GBP8.50. Prices include VAT.

Fighting 15s regrets that the worsening exchange rate with the Australian dollar means that prices of most Shadowforge figures have had to rise by about 10 per cent with immediate effect.

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