Price changes for 15mm AB Figures

Since Fighting 15s last adjusted prices for Australian imports in July, the exchange rate of the pound against the Australian dollar has worsened even more. In July we made a full adjustment to the prices of Eureka Miniatures, but only a partial adjustment to the cost of 15mm AB Figures. Fighting 15s regrets that it now has to pass on the full consequences of the poor exchange rate, and the prices of 15mm AB Figures rise as follows with immediate effect on all new orders:

Infantry rise from GBP0.475 each to GBP0.50 each including VAT, a rise of 2.5p.

Guns and crews both rise from GBP1.90 per cannon or four crew to GBP2.00 including VAT, a rise of 10p.

Most single figure codes rise by GBP0.03 including VAT and worldwide delivery.

The prices of Napoleonic cavalry, mounted officers and generals remain unchanged. Fighting 15s casts almost all the horses for these figures in the UK and therefore the prices are less affected by the exchange rate. We have also decided not to increase the prices of figures in the 15mm ACW range because we cast most of the range in the UK.

In spite of the rises we believe it is still cheaper to order AB Figures from Fighting 15s in the EU if you live in the EU. The current price of a 15mm AB foot figure from Eureka Miniatures direct is GBP0.47 excluding import taxes, or about GBP0.54 with VAT  at 15%, which means Fighting 15s’ price per foot figure of GBP0.50 including VAT is around 8% lower before considering delivery charges and handling fees on imports.

Fighting 15s has always strived to maintain prices that maintain near parity with those of figures direct from Eureka Miniatures, which means we of necessity accept lower margins. It’s why we don’t offer discounts.

If the exchange rate improves, of course, prices will adjust the other way. But it is likely that the change of rate of VAT at the end of the year will affect prices again.

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