September’s new releases arrive from Oddzial Osmy

September’s new releases in 1:600 scale have arrived from Oddzial Osmy of Poland, and they are available to buy in the Fighting 15s online shop.

The releases are as follows:

1:600 Modern AFVs and aircraft


IS-610 Sh’ot Blazer, Centurion with ERA Blazer armour
IS-611 AMX13 French light tank
IS-612 M325 Commandcar light utility truck
IS-613 RBY Mk 1 recon armoured car

West Germany

BW-626 PAH1 helicopter, tank-busting version of Bo105

1:600 World War II AFVs and aircraft


WBR-633 Tomahawk Mk II, US P40 fighter in RAF service


WIT-613 Breda 20/65 light anti-aircraft gun

Packs contain 15 AFVs/guns or 8 aircraft/helicopters, and cost GBP2.50 inc VAT per pack.

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