Eureka Miniatures: Lasalle Unit Packs

Eureka Miniatures has announced specific unit packs for Lasalle, the latest set of Napoleonic wargames rules from Sam Mustafa. Customers should note that we will not be offering these specific packs.

Fighting 15s already offers bargain packs for generic 1:20 ratio infantry battalions that suit General de Brigade and Lasalle, among other rules, and 12-man cavalry units suitable for Lasalle and many other rules. These units are listed under the Bargain Packs and Unit Packs headings for each nation in the 15mm AB Napoleonic range and the 18mm Eureka Miniatures Napoleonic range. They have been popular with customers since Fighting 15s introduced them in 2006, both for online sales and at wargames shows, and in fact account for the bulk of our show sales of AB Figures.

Fighting 15s will in due course be stocking the Lasalle rules, obtained through official UK distributor Black Hat Miniatures.

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