Fighting 15s turns on the Christmas Lights again

Following the success of the Christmas Lights promotion of a few years ago, Fighting 15s is again running a special promotion on 15mm French Napoleonic light troops from AB Figures. This time it’s the turn of the light cavalry.

For a limited time, customers have the opportunity to buy Fighting 15s’ special Christmas Lights offer of two 24-man regiments of French light cavalry for just GBP45.00, saving GBP5.40 on the price of the figures if bought using our standard four-figure packs. There are several permutations of chasseurs a cheval, hussars and line lancers for this small brigade of cavalry, plus options to add elite companies to the hussars and chasseurs. Regiments each comprise 20 troopers, two officers and two trumpeters.

The figures provide enough cavalry for a small brigade in 1:20 ratio games such as General de Brigade, and the hussars and chasseurs combination provides enough light cavalry for a Light Cavalry brigade in Lasalle (though you will need to add a horse battery to provide the full option).

Figures in the Fighting 15s Christmas Lights deal are cast to order in the UK using licensed moulds produced by Eureka Miniatures. Because the figures are cast to order, there may be a delay in processing and dispatching each order.

The 2009 Christmas Lights deal is available now in the Fighting 15s shop.

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