New year brings changes at Fighting 15s

A happy new year to all Fighting 15s’ customers. Fighting 15s is now back in action after the holidays and beginning to deal with the backlog of orders than has built up in the period. Please be patient – it may take some time to get to your order, especially if it contains items that need casting to order.

Ian has not been idle during the holidays, and has used the time to sort out three incoming shipments from Eureka, one shipment from Shadowforge, and two from Oddzial Osmy. Sorting had been postponed in order to get as many orders out the door as possible in December.

The VAT rate has changed back to 17.5% after a year at 15%, and the rate of 17.5% now applies throughout the shop. Fighting 15s is currently absorbing the rise, but prices will change over January to incorporate it. If the exchange rate against the Australian dollar hadn’t worsened even more the VAT increase could probably have been absorbed. Price rises will affect AB, Eureka and Shadowforge Miniatures.

Eureka’s 28mm Wars of the French Revolution range has been restored to the shop, and is now priced according to the need to get items to special order. Fighting 15s currently holds insignificant stocks of current items in the range, but should have new releases more promptly in future.

Opening hours are now different: Monday to Thursday, 10am to 6pm. Fighting 15s is now closed Friday and at weekends. Ian has a number of projects he needs to complete, including Huzzah! second edition, and has earmarked Fridays for them and for the bookkeeping and housekeeping associated with Fighting 15s. To compensate, Ian is now available two extra hours a day on Monday to Thursday.

Fighting 15s has a new contact phone number: +44 (0) 1983 557852. Enquiries only.

Over the past year, traditional mail order has plummeted to the point where it is no longer worth maintaining paper or downloadable lists of codes. Ian has also had to change his approach to Fighting 15s to cope with his wife’s illness and still be able to run a business, and one result of this is that all orders placed in the online shop receive priority over any other type of order.  Traditional mail order – i.e. a request by post, email or phone – is therefore accepted at Ian’s discretion with the understanding that such orders are not dealt with until all online orders have been processed.

Finally, a word about discounts. Fighting 15s operates on the basis of a gross profit margin of about 30% (net 10 to 12%), relying on volume of sales to provide sufficient income on which to live. Fighting 15s does not, therefore, offer discounts; all figures that Fighting 15s imports are in effect discounted to keep them at an acceptable price for the European market. Please do not be offended if a request for a discount, regardless of the size of an order, is declined.

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