Latest arrivals in 1:600 scale from Oddzial Osmy

Oddzial Osmy 1:600 scale MiG29 Fulcrum

It has been a bit hectic here at Fighting 15s. Ian has at last unpacked and sorted the last two deliveries from Oddzial Osmy of Poland, bringing the following items from the 1:600 range of World War II and Modern aircraft and vehicles both into stock and into the online shop:

1:600 World War II

WBR-637 Hurricane IID, tank-busting version with two 40mm under-wing guns
WBR-638 Martin Maryland, American-built medium bomber, used by British and French
WBR-639 Bolton Paul Defiant, turreted British night fighter (and daytime sitting duck…)

WFR-627 Bloch MB.152 French light fighter
WFR-628 105 mle 1913 Schneider, popular French artillery piece

WIT-616 SM79 Sparviero, Italian three-engined bomber and torpedo-bomber
WIT-617 Lancia 3RO heavy truck

WSU-632 BM13N Katyusha on Studebaker chassis
WSU-633 SB-2 Soviet fast bomber

WWH-668 15cm sIG33, German heavy infantry gun, towed version

1:600 Moderns

IS-616 M3 120 mm Makmat
IS-617 Israeli Infantry II – LMGs, HMGs, bazookas and dragons
IS-618 M3 90mm/20mm TCM/SS 11, Israeli M3 half-tracks armed with 90mm AT gun, 20mm TCM AA guns and SS-11 ATGM

MN-606 Dana, Czechoslovakian-made wheeled 152 mm SP gun
MN-607 Technicals, Toyota 4×4 pick-ups armed with HMG and RR
MN-608 Strv 103, Swedish turretless tank
MN-609 Pbv 302, Swedish APC
MN-610 Bv 206, Swedish tracked all-terrain carrier
MN-611 Ikv 91, Swedish tank destroyer with 90mm gun

SA-668 MiG-29 Soviet tactical fighter

US-664 OH-13 Sioux utility helicopter
US-665 LVTP-5 amphibious APC, used by USMC

WP-604 KTO Rosomak, Polish modern APC
WP-605 TOPAS 2AP, Czech-made version of BTR-50, standard Polish naval infantry APC

Packs contain 15 vehicles or infantry bases, or 8 aircraft or helicopters.

A price rise of about 11% from Oddzial Osmy on Series 1 items from 10 January 2010, plus the need to adjust prices to reflect the changing exchange rate means that packs now cost GBP3.50 each including VAT.

If an item is missing from the online shop, it means I’m tired and have overlooked it. Just give me a prompt by email. 🙂

Oddzial Osmy 1:600 scale Boulton-Paul Defiant

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