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May releases from Oddzial Osmy arrive at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s has received the latest new releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland for its 1:600 scale (3mm) range of vehicles and aircraft. This month there are releases in both the Modern and the World War II lines.

The releases are as follows:

SA-672 D44 85mm Soviet towed anti-tank gun
SA-673 Mi4 Hound utility  helicopter
SA-674 IS3M heavy tank
US-667 CH53 Sea Stallion heavy transport helicopter

WWH-669 PaK40 German 75mm anti-tank gun
WBR-640 Fairey Swordfish Mk I torpedo bomber
WSU-634 76mm obr.1927, Soviet light howitzer, used as regimental gun
WSU-635 M30 Soviet 122mm medium artillery
WIT-618 Cannone da 105/28, Italian version of French 105mm Schneider gun

All packs are priced at GBP3.50 each including VAT. Packs typically contain 15 models, except aircraft (8) and artillery (typically 7 deployed and 7 in transit mode). The Sea Stallions have only 4 models per pack.

The releases are available now in the Fighting 15s shop.

More goodies from Shadowforge Miniatures

Shadowforge Miniatures: 28mm Gridiron Reserve Line Bunnies

A delivery from Shadowforge Miniatures of Australia has brought into stock the latest additions for the 28mm Temple of the Light range – the Anubis and Horus guards and their respective commands. These figures are available now in the online shop.

Fighting 15s has also filled out some omissions in its stock of the Gridiron range, and now offers the complete range thanks to the arrival of the Reserves for the various teams. Again, these figures are available now in the online shop.

Shadowforge Miniatures: 28mm Temple of the Light Horus Guard

Laughing Monk reinforces Lady Jane’s Rifles

Laughing Monk 32mm: Lady Jane's Rifles, Hanna (banner not included)

Fighting 15s has just unpacked the latest shipment from Shadowforge in Australia, which has brought into stock the latest figures from Laughing Monk. There are additions to Lady Jane’s Rifles (formerly Captain Janes Rifles), including Lady Jane herself, plus a formidable Countess, and three somewhat over-exposed Geishas for the Samurai line. The figures are available now in the online shop.

Laughing Monk 32mm: Geisha Blue Midnight

Latest 1:600 moderns now in from Oddzial Osmy

Oddzial Osmy 1:600 Eurofighter Typhoon (code MN-616)

The following new releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland in its 1:600 (3mm) range of modern aircraft and vehicles are now in stock and available in the Fighting 15s shop:

SA-669 BM27 Uragan self-propelled multiple rocket launcher
SA-670 MT-12 100mm anti-tank gun
SA-671 ZU-23-2 light towed anti-aircraft gun

MN-612 Strf 90 (CV-90) Swedish infantry fighting vehicle
MN-613 Pvpj 1110 and Pvtgb 1111 Swedish 90 mm RR
MN-614 EE11 Urutu Brazilian-made wheeled armoured personnel carrier
MN-615 EE9 Cascavel Brazilian-made armoured car with 90mm gun
MN-616 Eurofighter Typhoon multirole fighter

WP-606 W3 Sokol Polish-made utility helicopter

US-666 TOW anti-tank guided missile launcher

Packs typically contain 15 vehicles (7+7 in multi-model packs), 8 aircraft/helicopters, or 15 infantry bases. Packs cost £3.50 each including VAT.

Fighting 15s: closed 10 to 13 June

Fighting 15s is closed from the afternoon of Thursday 10 June until Sunday 13 June inclusive for the Isle of Wight Festival.