Fighting 15s at Claymore 2010

Fighting 15s will be at Claymore, Edinburgh, on Saturday 7 August 2010. Ian has planned his itinerary and will be making the journey up from the Isle of Wight in stages, taking in some sights along the way. This means anyone who has an advance order needs to place it before Wednesday 4 August, and preferably earlier: there is no opportunity for last-minute advance orders as Ian will have left on 5 August.

The car will be full of  Coat d’arms paint, a display case and whatever else can be fitted in, with 15mm AB Figures and advance orders a priority. The paint and display case displace a number of crates that Ian usually takes to shows, so customers with special requests to see ranges should place an advance order. Please note that Ian does not take Eureka’s 15mm WWI, WWII and Indo-China figures to shows except to advance order because they are particularly fiddly to deal with.

As usual Fighting 15s will have a selection of Eureka’s Historicon advance releases, including the 28mm Turtle Tank, 28mm Jurassic Reich dinosaurs, 28mm Wars of the French Revolution Cossack Looting Party, 28mm Modern French Foreign Legion, and 15mm AB French Chasseur a Cheval casualties. Apart from the French Foreign Legion, which have now been officially released, these items are available only at shows, on a first-come, first-served basis: you will not be able to buy them by mail order until their official release.

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