Oddzial Osmy’s new releases arrive at Fighting 15s

Oddzial Osmy 1:600 scale Reggiane Re.2001

Fighting 15s has taken delivery of July’s releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland in 1:600 scale (3mm). The new arrivals are:

WP-607 Star 266 Polish 6×6 truck

World War II
WWH-672 Nashorn heavy tank destroyer
WWH-673 Brummbar 150mm assault gun
WWH-674 Marder IIIH tank destroyer
WWH-675 Sdkfz 251D tracked carrier
WSU-636 KV-1s, fast, slimline version of KV1
WSU-637 Po-2LNB night-bomber version of light biplane
WIT-622 Reggiane Re.2001 Falco II

Packs cost £3.50 each and typically include 15 model AFVs or 8 model aircraft. All the above codes are now available in the Fighting 15s online shop.

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