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Fighting 15s improves shopping cart

Fighting 15s – or rather the shop support team – has finished tweaking how the online shop works.

Adding an item to the shopping cart now returns customers to the category that they were last viewing, rather than going to the shopping cart. Because the shopping cart does not appear after adding an item, the mini-cart (top left on the shop website) is now the route to the checkout.

Customers who only want one of each item will find that this approach greatly speeds up shopping for related items, as it will keep them in a category rather than making them click through the shop’s hierarchical structure again.

Individual items now have a quantity box next to the Add to Cart button, allowing customers to choose how many of each code they want before adding it to the cart. Again, this should help speed up the shopping process because it removes the need to change quantities once they have been added to the shopping cart, although obviously it is still possible to change quantities in this way.

So, some of the finest wargames figures are now even easier to buy: quantity as well as quality, if you will.

Fighting 15s takes PayPal Mobile payments at shows

Fighting 15s is now registered for PayPal Mobile, allowing customers whose mobile phones are also registered for the service to pay Fighting 15s using PayPal at wargames shows – subject, of course, to phone reception.

Obviously Ian will not be particularly quick or adept at the process to start with, so bear with him if you want to pay this way. Also obviously, customers will need to have their registered mobile phones with them for the transaction.

When Fighting 15s works shows with Mike at Black Hat Miniatures, please note that mobile transactions can only be used for items available at the show from Fighting 15s.

New checkout procedure at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s has switched its card payment processor, and this has changed how customers choose how they pay in the shopping cart.

To pay by PayPal customers must click on the PayPal logo in the cart.

To pay by debit or credit card, use the 128-bit secure payment option. If you click on this and want to pay by PayPal, hit the back button!

Both the above options are processed by PayPal, as is our telephone payment option. RBS WorldPay is no longer offered as a payment option.

Switching to one card processor will ultimately reduce Fighting 15s’ costs of taking card payments because it will put all our sales through one provider, and get a better merchant rate on transactions.