US Army arrives for WWII

Oddzial Osmy 1/600th scale M4 Sherman

Fighting 15s has just taken delivery of the new US Army releases from Oddzial Osmy in 1/600th scale. These are the first releases for this great nation, and cover all the basics.

The releases are:

WUS-600 M3A1 Stuart light tank
WUS-601 M3 Lee medium tank
WUS-602 M4 Sherman
WUS-603 M10 tank destroyer
WUS-604 GIs with hand weapons
WUS-605 GIs with support weapons
WUS-606 M3 37mm AT gun
WUS-607 M2A1 105mm howizter
WUS-608 Jeep
WUS-609 GMC CCKW 2.5 tonne truck
WUS-610 M3 half-track
WUS-611 M3 tank destroyer with 75mm gun
WUS-612 M3A1 scout car
WUS-613 P47C Thunderbolt
WUS-614 P-51B Mustang fighter

All codes are now in the Fighting 15s shop. Packs contain 15 vehicles/infantry bases, or 8 aircraft, and cost GBP3.50 each inc VAT.

Presently the shop is discounting all the above by 2% in advance of the VAT increase on 1 January 2011.

And there’s our great five-year anniversary deal that gives customers who spend over GBP50.00 in value on Oddzial Osmy figures (excluding delivery) a GBP5.00 rebate (valid for orders up to New Year’s Eve). See our news page for full details.

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