VAT increase at Fighting 15s

VAT rose from 17.5% to 20% today, and the new tax rate is now in force in the Fighting 15s shop. VAT at the old rate applies to all orders placed before the rise, and therefore orders placed and paid for during our seasonal break will be at the old rate of 17.5%.

Prices have not changed as a result, because Fighting 15s factored in the tax rise when prices last increased, and applied an automatic discount in the shopping cart to remove the tax increase before it was due.

If prices rise in the near future it will be because of continually worsening exchange rates, particularly with the Australian dollar.

Fighting 15s would like to thank recent UK governments for playing around with the VAT rate so much in the past few years, and for the pointless time-consuming work this has caused small businesses for a minuscule change in the amount of tax that customers pay on a typical order.

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